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i am a researcher in the Department of Mathematics at the Technion - IIT.
i did my ph.d. in the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Weizmann Institue.   my advisor was Ran Raz.
i was also a member of the School of Mathematics, Institute for Advanced Study.   my host was Avi Wigderson.

online publications

email: first name dot last name at gmail dot com
office: Amado 612
office phone: +972.77.887.4094
office hours: by appointment
department fax: +972.77.887.3388
mailing address: Amir Yehudayoff
                            Department of Mathematics
                            Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
                            Haifa 32000

analytic methods in combinatorics 106376 (spring 2014)
combinatorics 104286 (spring 2012, 2013, 2014)
set theory 104290 (spring 2013)
information theory (spring 2012)
calculus 1m1 (winter 2012)
introduction to probability h 104034 (spring 2011,2013, winter 2014) -- notes
combinatorial algorithms (fall 2010)

2013-2014 academic calendar