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Office : Amado 707                                                                                                                                                          Phone : 972-4-829-2393                                                                                                                  
Mathematics Department,
The Technion,
Haifa, Israel

nickc at tx dot technion dot ac dot il

Interests:  Mathematical Physics, Probability, LIFE!  Some Keywords:  Disordered Systems, Random Field Induced Order, Constructive QFT, Classical and Quantum Models of Friction, Linearly Edge Reinforced Random Walk and its connection to Anderson Localization.

Teaching Activities for Fall 2016
Hydrodynamic Limits



Links:  Technion Physics, Probability, Arxiv. Dyson's Lecture/Essay on Birds and Frogs and a much older, but rather similar, comparison of Foxes and Hedgehogs. Riemann's Original Paper on Zeta. Aldous' Essays.  An MAA Essay on the development of mathematical models of randomness by S. Volchan.

Some of My Favorite Things: Sydney, The Boys (and Girl), Footytube, Boulder Gym Haifa, The Carmel, Some photos to inspire my work. This simulation of relativistic jets forming from accretion disks rotating around black holes.  HD Slow Motion capture of a cheetah running.  And the source for more info.  Bruuuuuuuuuce!