About the gallery

The Paul Konrad Hoenich Center for Art, Science and Technology is located at the center of the Technion's Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning in Haifa . The Gallery sets out to present students, faculty members and the general public with select, challenging experimental art and architecture. The objective of the Gallery is to present the best of architecture and art, intended to stimulate thought and contemplation on issues relating to the visual environment and its impact on culture.

The Gallery stages exhibitions on various chapters in the history of architecture and art in Israel and at the same time offers premier exposure to new and innovative works and projects. The Gallery collaborates with art institutions around the world to create a network of exhibition and project exchanges.

Donated by P.K. Hoenich's widow, Ruth Hoenich, the Gallery serves as a place for the safe keeping and promotion of Hoenich's artistic and educational heritage. The spacious gallery extends over 250 sqm. with facilities for both exhibitions of architecture and works of art. The Gallery archives hold the collection of Hoenich's works in painting and photography, books and writings.


The vision of the Gallery of Experimental Art and Architecture is based on the idea of creative openness, which welcomes the exchange of ideas with students and connoisseurs of art and architecture. The Gallery initiates various activities, staging special displays or exhibitions as well as producing events that are related to the exhibitions.

The exhibitions are realized either following the initiative of Galley staff members or in collaboration with various other parties: artists, architects, and different organizations both from within the Technion and from outside. The public is invited to visit the Gallery and participate in the various activities that it initiates and holds. The objective is to establish a creative arena, a meeting place for students of architecture, industrial design, landscape design and town planning and professionals in these fields (architects, designers, artists and so on).

The open approach adopted by the Gallery strives to enable a wide variety of experimental creative expression, while maintaining a high quality of display and challenging thought. The exhibits are all intended to provoke a live and animated discussion, both on and off campus, in which innovative and experimental modes of creation are examined alongside various historic perspectives. The Gallery aspires to broaden its visitors' range of knowledge by means of various shows, which, over the course of a time period, present different views that reflect the current dynamic visual culture in Israel and throughout the world.


e-mail: gallery@technion.ac.il // Phone: +972-4-8295546
PeKA Gallery - Center for Art, Science and Technology, Technion, Haifa