Build up a highway, build it and clear the track, 
sweep away all that blocks my people's path.

Division of Transportation and Highways Engineering

Head: Abishai Polus, Assoc. Professor

The educational and research activities of the Transportation program at the Department of Civil Engineering is exceptionally wide and comprehensive. It covers the following four major fields of transportation studies:
Geometric Design of Transportation Facilities.
Pavement Design and Properties of Construction Materials.
Traffic Engineering and road safety.
Transportation Planning.

The educational program at the undergraduate level offers a wide variety of courses in all fields of Transportation towards a B.Sc. degree in Civil Engineering. The Graduate programs offers several advanced degree in Transportation studies. A M.Sc. degree in Transportation Engineering which is open to Civil Engineering and other Engineering graduates, M.Sc. in Transportation Sciences which is open to all with a Bachelor degree and Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) in Transportation. The Transportation faculty is involved in many research activities, to mention few:

Advanced Transportation modeling methods.
Traffic control systems, IVHS methods and Road safety research.
Design models and construction methods of highway and runways structures.
Geometric design methods and capacity characteristics of various highway facilities.

The research is sponsored by grants from the Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Housing and Public Works, US Government research grants as well as some research grants from private sources. Members of the Transportation faculty serves on various stirring committees, as scientific consultants to the most significant and prestigious Transportation projects in Israel. They are heavily involved in the decision making process at all levels of Governments - City, Regional and State.

Faculty Members in the division of Transportation Engineering