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A 3-Day Course on

Info-Gap Theory and Its Applications

14-16 September 2016
University of Franche-Comte
Besancon, France

Course description and outline: pdf file.

Lecture Notes

Lecture 1, Info-gap theory: Overview and examples. pdf file.

Lecture 2, Info-Gap Robustness of a Beam With Uncertain Load. pdf file.

Lecture 3, Probabilistic reliability with info-gap uncertainty. pdf file.

Lecture 4, Vibration suppression with uncertain load. pdf file.

Lecture 5, Estimation with info-gap uncertainties. pdf file.

Lecture 6, Safety factors and info-gap robustness. pdf file.


Exercise 1: Trigger mechanism. pdf file.

Exercise 2: Adaptive force balancing. pdf file.

Exercise 3: Cantilever, parts (a)-(d). pdf file.