Dan Zaslavsky, Professor
B.Sc. 1954; M.Sc. 1957 (Technion); Ph.D. 1960 (Iowa State University, USA).

Prof. Zaslavsky has been a full professor in the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering since 1971 and was Dean in the years 1993 and 1994. Between the years 1983-1985, he served as the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure. He was the Water Commissioner for the State of Israel between the years 1991 and 1993. His research has dealt with a variety of issues concerning water and energy, including solar ponds, surface and subsurface hydrology, renewable energy using solar hot water units and wind turbines, water management policy, desalinization, etc. Prof. Zaslavsky has worked with other researchers and has patented several inventions. A method and apparatus for disposal of salt and brine wastes, a solar collector for air heating and a device for controlled release of fertilizers, are a some of his inventions.
For the past 15 years, he has focused on a project named "Energy Towers" which in all probability will create a revolution in energy production. The "Energy Towers" project is based on a novel technology which produces renewable electric power from hot and dry desert air. It entails the construction of a "wind-generating machine" - a hollow tower with openings at the top and bottom, without the need for a solar collector. Atomized water is sprayed at the top of the tower and, as in a natural wind shear, it cools the air immediately below, raises its density and causes it to drop quickly. On its decent to the tower base opening, the air rushes through a surrounding circle of turbines which drive electric generators. The "Energy Towers" technology provides an enormous source of renewable and absolutely clean electricity at a cost less than that of fuel-generated electricity. It is an ideal solution for the main environmental threat to the globe today - air pollution caused by SO2, NOx, and by the greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide gas.
In association with the "Energy Towers", a technology for sea water desalination was developed requiring less than half the investment associated with the best alternative method and about 2/3 of the energy outlay.

Selected publications (Since 1990)
Several dozens research reports.
Israeli water systems policy papers.
Several invited lectures.
Graduation of 4 Ph.D. students and 5 M.Sc. students.

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