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   Department of Environmental, Water and Agricultural Engineering

   Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering

   Phone – 972-4-8292602 ; Fax 972-4-8228898


   Rabin Building, room 620;

   Technion City, Haifa, Israel 32000



Dahlia Greidinger International Symposium on  Advanced methods for investigating nutrient dynamics in soil and ecosystems Technion, March 2013

Dahlia Greidinger International Symposium Papers Published in Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 78(1) 2014

Dahlia Greidinger Sym. - “Water-Soil-Nutrients: Integrated Solutions for Assuring Global Food and Water Security”;  Technion, March 2016

Wetskills Israel 2013

Graduate Students Symposium at GWRI 12-2014




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Main Research Interest – Physical Chemistry of Soil and Environmental Systems:

Advanced isotopic and spectroscopy based methods to study nitrogen and phosphorus transformations in soils and sediment; Special resent focus- Development of the Modified Isotope Pairing Technique
MIPT to trace N-transformations in polluted stream sediments with emphasis on N­2O emissions;

In Situ Evaluation of Net Nitrification Rate in Terra Rossa Soil Using a Fourier Transform Infrared Attenuated Total Reflection 15N Tracing Technique
A Novel method combining FRIT-ATR spectroscopy and stable isotopes to investigate the kinetics of nitrogen transformations in soils.
Real time monitoring of N2O emissions from agricultural soils using FTIR spectroscopy

Phosphorus dynamics in effluent irrigated soils using oxygen isotopic composition of phosphate
Phosphorus dynamics in soils irrigated with reclaimed waste water or fresh water — A study using oxygen isotopic composition of phosphate
Method for the Analysis of Oxygen Isotopic Composition of Soil Phosphate Fractions

On line monitoring in soil and water systems using MidIR based spectroscopy:
FTIR  based measurements for direct nitrate determination and soil identification with ATR Devices
Soil identification using FTIR-PAS
Nitrate determination in soils using Transmission through Anion Exchange Membranes;

Long term effects of irrigation with reclaimed wastewater, special emphasis on:
Nitrogen transformations and nitrous oxide emmision
Microbial activity and community change of ammonia oxidizers
Boron in humus and inorganic components of Hamra and Grumosol soils irrigated with reclaimed wastewater

Environmentally friendly fertilization approaches (controlled release, precision fertilization) emphasis on both investigation of mechanisms, evaluation approaches and modeling of release;
Advances in Controlled Release of Fertilizers
Modeling Controlled Nutrient Release from a Population of Polymer Coated Fertilizers: Statistically Based Model for Diffusion Release
Prediction of nitrate release from polymer-coated fertilizers using an artificial neural network model

Models of nitrogen and phosphorus dynamics in soils under various agronomic practices, application of environmentally friendly fertilization approaches, irrigation with reclaimed effluents  and soil/root interactions