Peter M. Neumann, Professor
B.Sc. 1966; M.Sc. 1967; both at the University of Manchester, UK. Ph.D. 1970, King College, Univ. of London, U.K,

FMW chair in agricultural engineering, 2001.

Came to Israel and joined the Faculty of Agricultural engineering at the Technion in 1971. Works on the regulation of growth in agricultural plants. Developed a patent for a stabilized aqueous foam with several potential applications. Pioneered the use of silicon based surfactants for increasing the ability of spray solutions of agricultural chemicals to wet and penetrate plant surfaces; these are now widely used in agricultural practice. Other more basic research has focused on mechanisms underlying the inhibition of plant growth by environmental stresses (in particular, salinity, drought and nutrient deficiencies). Showed that rapid adjustments (within minutes) in the mechanical properties of cell walls are a primary growth regulatory response to salinity, water and nutrient stress in some but not all cereal species. Since the merger of agricultural and environmental engineering also works on related topics in phytoremediation.

Selected publications

·         Neumann, P.M. and Research & Development Foundation, Technion 1978 Gelatin-based compositions and a method for the generation of stabilized foams therefrom. US patent 4,086,331.

·         Neumann, P.M. Editor. Plant Growth and Leaf Applied Chemicals. 178 ps. Published by CRC Press, USA 1988.

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maize root growth correlates with altered profiles of proton flux and cell wall pH. Plant Physiology 135:2291-2300

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